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Dana TherActivist Johnson, MSW
(Pronouns: They/ Them/ Theirs)
LGBTQ+ Activist, Author, Filmmaker & Consultant.

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Dana TherActivist Johnson, MSW (They/Them/Theirs) is a transgender non-binary community activist, author, entrepreneur, documentary filmmaker, professional development facilitator, and DEI&B consultant. Dana's a native of Oakland California; that received a master’s degree in social work, a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, and has a variety of professional certifications. 


Dana TherActivist currently serves as a LGBTQ+ Commissioner for the County of San Mateo. They're a co-chair of the San Mateo County Health Equity Initiative, the PRIDE Initiative; and a board member of CoastPride LGBTQ+ Center. Dana TherActivist has co-coordinated the San Mateo County LGBTQIA+ Pride Celebration since 2016 and has been on the coordinating committee since its existence in 2012. 


Dana TherActivist Johnson is a Director of Youth Housing & Trainer for Rainbow Community Center of Contra Costa County. In this role they oversee emergency housing services and resources for LGBTQIA+ transitional age youth. They also provide Youth Housing technical assistance professional development trainings to County offices of education staff and liaisons on methods of utilizing SOGIE when servicing LGBTQIA+ students.  Dana TherActivist Johnson has eighteen years experience providing rehabilitative services and counseling to system involved youth. 

Dana TherActivist has set on a panel for the California Commission on the Status of Women to educate on gender expansiveness. They have provided a screening and professional development training to a local high school social justice equity summit; and trainings to local high schools and high school districts. They have traveled to over 35 community colleges, state universities and 4-year Institutions to educate on TherActivist services and the importance of embracing Identity, Intersectionality and Inclusion on college campuses.  Dana TherActivist has keynoted at many conferences including the UCSC Practical Activism conference and Philippine Nurses Association of Northern California conference; and has screened TherActivist: They/ Them/ Theirs film at the Gender Spectrum Professional Symposium.  Dana TherActivist has screened TherActivist: They/ Them/ Theirs film in many film festivals including the Albany Film Festival, Morehouse College Human Rights Film Festival, and Cinequest Juneteenth Short Film Screening. And is an award winner for the TherActivist film at the LGBTQ+ Unbordered International Film Festival.

Dana TherActivist is motivated in assisting in the implementation of inclusive policies and programs; and passionate about providing LGBTQIA+ equity services, social justice services, and activism to marginalized communities. Dana TherActivist is working with other community leaders to help bring visibility, resources, social justice, diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging to LGBTQIA+ communities. 

For inquires and more information regarding TherActivist services please email Dana TherActivist at 

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