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  • TherActivist Services Includes: Documentary Screenings, Author Talks, Community Activism, Professional Development, DEI&B Consultation, Motivational Speeches, Keynote Speeches, Panel Presentations.

  • Here's a list of professional development workshops/ trainings I have provided throughout the Bay Area

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Survey  Development

** TherActivist Services Includes: Documentary Screenings and Talkback Sessions, Author Talks, Community Activism, Professional Development Training, DEI&B Consultation, Motivational Speaking, Keynote Speaking, Panel Presentations.

The TherActivist "therapeutic activism" approaches community wellness and advocacy using a community healing modality. The TherActivist has serviced the most vulnerable communities by advocating for  healing, wellness and resources through a therapeutic lens. The TherActivist approaches every connection embracing the core values of "Identity, Intersectionality, and Inclusion."    - Dana TherActivist

For Inquires Regarding:
​- Community Activism
- Keynote Speaking

- Motivational Speaking
Professional Development Training
- Panel Presentation
- DEI&B Consulting

- Documentary Screening & Talkback Sessions
-Author Talks

Please email me at or visit the contact menu page and fill out the form.

Servicing LGBTQIA+ Homeless Youth TOOLKIT! FREE!!

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